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    Description Classic Kamel x30

    Server Chronicles: Classic Kamael x30 Auto Hunt Server EXP: EXP/SP x30 Adena x10 Drop x2 RaidBoss EXP x1(Drop x1) Spoil x3 (Кол-во x2); Quest x1-x2 (QuestDrop x2) Buffer: Full Buff : ALT + B Enchant Chance: Weapon 60% Armor 60% Max Enchant Weapon +35 Max Enchant Armor +25 Safe Enchant + 3 premium account chance enchant +1% Olympiad: Duration Of The Olympiad: From 20: 00 To 00: 00 The Olympiad period is a Week Start of the Olympiad from 3 people The results of the status Hero's Friday at 12: 00 Moscow time The Minimum Level Of 76 Clans: All Clans Start 3 levels Rate getting clan reputations increased The number requirements for raising the level of the clan are reduced Castel: Every 2 weeks Raid Boss: Anakim-Tuesday, Friday 21: 00 UTC +3 Lilith-Tuesday, Friday 21: 00 UTC +3 Ant Queen - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday [21:30 UTC +3] Core - Monday, Wednesday, Thursda [20:00 UTC +3] Orfen - Tuesday, Thursday [22:00 UTC +3] Zaken - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday [23:00 UTC +3] Baium - Tuesday, Friday [23:00 UTC +3] Frintezza - Wednesday, Saturday [06:30 UTC +3] Antharas - Sunday [23:00 UTC +3]
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    Hello Players WHAT YOU NEED 100% TO PARTICIPATE: 1: Recordings of your streams 2: The stream name must contain "http://kamael.online/ "(Rates of the server you are playing on) 3: Action is dangerous! Innova strangles Richard server's streamers, and can also ban your Twitch + channel from throwing punches on YouTube! You participate at your own risk! Don't do AFC wall-mounted streams / fishing, etc. In the description of the stream, as during its implementation, there should be no mention of services for the sale of game values and advertising of other projects. During the broadcast there should be no inappropriate insults to the administration or the project itself Classic-euro.com (we are open to suggestions and constructive criticism, but you need to know the measure) It is issued once a day Reward 30 Donat coins for 1 hour of stream [ max number of hours per day of stream 10] About verification write in lichku GameModer