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Description Classic Kamel x30

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Server Chronicles: Classic Kamael x30

Auto Hunt

5dad70cbb8369_.png.37ef5f9f1367571f9137742b7939b2cf.png.88bc48d4d33c49ee03cfc48c071ea4be.png Server EXP:

     EXP/SP x30
     Adena x10
     Drop x2
     RaidBoss EXP x1(Drop x1)
     Spoil x3 (Кол-во x2);
     Quest x1-x2 (QuestDrop x2)


5dad7057aa8b6_2.png.f955dc9a82b0c06d62e4bc0d09d1792f.png.e11d875f065dfa26a4f4829cbb3d9a5f.png Buffer:

Full Buff : ALT + B


5dad6fffce119_.png.8bf279b936cfe7228b607dd6f18586bd.png.922ad8ef2dd1b8476201e60bd4d451f3.png Enchant Chance:

Weapon 60%

Armor 60%

Max Enchant Weapon +35

Max Enchant Armor +25

Safe Enchant + 3

premium account chance enchant +1%


5dad725878a23_.png.fb849aefd2a64c3941ba487304576aee.png.46be5af773e006556e60c647bb53cac5.png Olympiad:

Duration Of The Olympiad: From 20: 00 To 00: 00

  The Olympiad period is a Week 

  Start of the Olympiad from 3 people

  The results of the status Hero's Friday at 12: 00 Moscow time

  The Minimum Level Of 76



5dad7444a07aa_.png.e640a314d193c89a65348ee32d67a717.png.0ff58d566b96a8abefca57d76187b6db.png Clans:

All Clans Start 3 levels 

  Rate getting clan reputations increased 

  The number requirements for raising the level of the clan are reduced


  l2w.png.2ee86eba1b8dd9a17555dcb3b6f1f794.png.9475be894d9722bf7ab3b90ad4daeb57.png Castel:

Every 2 weeks


Skill_4122_1.jpg.4fa4204fbb2ef8a417805a60a22e979f.jpg.7fae2273c035494bd3cf76a614975888.jpg Raid Boss:

Anakim-Tuesday, Friday 21: 00 UTC +3

Lilith-Tuesday, Friday 21: 00 UTC +3

Ant Queen - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday [21:30 UTC +3]

Core -  Monday, Wednesday, Thursda [20:00 UTC +3]

Orfen - Tuesday, Thursday  [22:00 UTC +3]

Zaken - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday [23:00 UTC +3]

Baium - Tuesday, Friday [23:00 UTC +3]

Frintezza - Wednesday, Saturday [06:30 UTC +3]

Antharas - Sunday [23:00 UTC +3]




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